MU Legend Server Closure Notification

2021-03-31 13:26:44

Dear Players,
Thank you for your support and love for MU Legend on GTarcade Desktop.
Due to all kinds of reasons, we’re sorry to inform you that MU Legend will close the server and stop providing service on May 11th 2021.
From now on till May 11th, the game will still perform regular maintenance to keep it running,
but we will also start to prepare compensation&transfer plans for players.
The exact date of each stage is listed below:

1.  Mar. 31st Closing user registration

2.  April. 14th – May. 11th We will provide a webpage for players to register and transfer their game data to Valofe platform ( The transfer service will be open on April 14th.

3. The Recharge option will not be closed. Your redzens will be transferred to the new account you created on the Valofe platform.


1. The items in the Storage, Trade Broker, and Mailbox will not be transferred. Before applying for transfer, you need to take out the items in the transaction bank, safe deposit box, and mailbox before applying for transfer.

2. Animal Pajama A Chest(GTarcade) will not be transferred.

3. The list of friends and guilds will not be transferred.

4. After the transfer application, do not create a role in the VALOFE account to avoid the transfer failure.

5. After the transfer, the names of all characters will be reset, and the system will issue a rename card for everyone to use.

6. Your account will be transferred to the Asian server on VALOFE platform.

Transfer rewards:
    • Soul Potion: 1000% *10
    • +10 Shining weapon reinforcement ticket (Lv. 80) *1
    • +10 Shining armor reinforcement ticket (Lv. 80) *1
    • Shining Red Imprint Scroll *5
    • Soul Fragment *5
    • 30-Day Gold Service Ticket *1

  4. We will close the server on GTarcade Desktop on May 11th at 10:00 am. And players will be able to play on Valofe Platform then.


  5. We also recommend you try another game Legacy of Discord ( on GTarcade platform.

From now on till April 14th, players in MU Legend can send application through Customer Service to transfer to Legacy of Discord, and receive free gifts according to your total recharge amount in MU legend.

Application Date:
March 31st – April 14th
Application Procedure:
1. Make sure you use the same GTarcade account.
2. Go to the Legacy of Discord and create your character.
3. Go to Customer Service in MU Legend and file a ticket.
4. Stat the game you want to transfer, your character ID and server in the new game.
5. Receive the gifts via in-game mail. (Will be sent in a week or so to your character in the new game)
Transfer Gifts Tier
Transferred players will receive different gifts according to your total recharge amount in MU Legend.
Above $1500 Tier 1 Gift (Worth $1200)
$501 - $1500 Tier 2 Gift (Worth $800)
$101 - $500 Tier 3 Gift (Worth $240)
$11 - $100 Tier 4 Gift (Worth $45)
$1 - $10 Tier 5 Gift (Worth $5)
How to get character ID in LOD: Go to Character Info and find ID
If you have met any other questions, you can submit a ticket here.
We really don’t want to say goodbye to all the players. But every story has its end, we just want to thank all the players who have supported the game so far.